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oooo its a wednesday - just keep doin that spoon thing...

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December 29th, 2004

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09:27 pm - oooo its a wednesday
yesterday, i don't even remember wat happened yesterday, other that that i got a manicure and i look like a barbie doll...im serious...my nails are bright pink...its so cool...anyways...my knee was sore today from working out yesterday so i decided to go on a walk with my mom. bcuz if i dont exercise at least some, i'll get fat. so we went on a walk, then came home, i got in the shower, had lunch, then cleaned my grandmas apartment downstairs for $20...SWEET! then i watched you've got mail...i just love that movie...so sweet...tom hanks and meg ryan are always so good together. anyhoo...when i was done with that, i went to home depot with my mom, brother, and sister. but first we got mcflurries (haha...no wonder i'll gain weight! look at what i eat!) then we came home and watched some of dodgeball before dinner (we had the yummy chicken my mom makes...YAY!) after dinner, and after i did the dishes, i went with my mom to pentagon city mall to look for shoes to go with that super cute outfit i wore for christmas eve. she doesnt want me wearing the boots for church and stuff like that (like the choral festival on jan. 6th) so i got these really cute tommy hilfiger ones at DSW (which btw is one of the awesomest stores EVER!) so now im home, in my super cute UVA pjs, and no one is online to talk to (cough cough cough), so i have no clue wat to do right now...maybe ill read that red sox book holly gave me...thats the greatest book ever...faithful...yup, thats me, a red sox addict! woot. ok well i have nothing else to say now...i think im gonna go...this entry was so boring...y do i even do this? o well...later guys...
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - Aerosmith

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