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MERRY CHRISTMAS (well sorta) - just keep doin that spoon thing...

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December 26th, 2004

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05:42 pm - MERRY CHRISTMAS (well sorta)
yea...day after christmas...everything has definitely died down...all the hype before the holidays and then...blah...yea...thats how u describe my life right now. hope everyone had an awesome christmas. mine was so cool...can even begin to describe...christmas eve, we went to the movies (we being me, shannon, and jason) with holly, abby, and tyler...we saw "a series of unfortunate events"...it was a really good movie considering i never read the books...after the movie, we came home and got ready for church (i got to wear my cute new skirt with those awesome boots my mom bought me) then after churhc, we went to the fourniers and i hung out with holly till we had to leave for our 2 other parties at 9 o clock. the youngs was first, fun party, eddie was there, we played games on the computer (funny funny stuff). then off to the benoits (we took eddie with us! hehe). that was ok...no girls my own age except katherine panke and she doesnt really like me that much...poor ross got dumped by his girlfriend on christmas eve! i feel so bad for him. anyways...then home to bed. christmas morning! i got that pink red sox hat i wanted, the one that matches my poofy pink jacket (and if i may say so, i look so awesome!) its the greatest hat ever...ask holly or abby...my uncle didnt seem to like it but hes a mets fan so wat can ya do? anyways...the big news...*drum roll*...i got a CELL PHONE! if u want the number, just ask. yea its pretty tight. omg i was so excited. i got dodgeball too...on dvd...greatest movie ever! even if like so many ppl i kno thinks its the stupidest movie ever...i still love it, and i kno lelia does too...and karoline...and patrick...and i think caitlin liked it...so yea..not everyone i know hates it. yea...ill figure out later wat else i got...o right...my aunt carol made me a scarf (uva colors! woohoo!) another aunt gave me a santa claus that was uva themed...its so beautiful. another aunt gave me a watch thats reversible...like one side of the band is red, the others black...pretty darn cool...and other stuff that i dont feel like writing down. dinenr was really good...we had like 20 ppl here...CRAZY! o i almost forgot! the fourniers got me that book the two sox fans wrote about the entire championship season...so awesome! omg...i started reading it already and i love it! so yea...all in all its been a good holiday...cleaned my room today tho...and i really really really need to talk to one person in particular...but other than that, things are goin pretty well...hope everythings good for y'all too...talk to ya later...gimme a call if u wanna do something...i have money now...speaking of which...i gotta call eddie...lol. love ya guys...im out
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Yellowcard

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Date:December 26th, 2004 04:52 pm (UTC)
Hey Meredith sorry I never ended up calling you last night. When I picked up the phone to dial your number, my dad was talking with his sister, and I have no clue when he got off, but when I finally figured it out, it was already around 12:00 or so? So I figured it would be a bad idea to call you, and then today I've been cleaning my room for the most part, because it's a mess. So. I still need to tell you stuff. You'll probably find it to be happy. I don't know.
Date:December 26th, 2004 04:54 pm (UTC)
oh but then there's that other part....... I forgot about that..... hm.... well no... because all that's completely different from the first thing.... sort of. I don't know.......
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Date:December 26th, 2004 06:30 pm (UTC)

hey hey...

yah my xmass was really kickass! :) I got a TIGHT leather jacket.. its so hot. just letting you know, i have a new Screename : The0nlyscott (that is a zero not a "o" on only) so yah.. im me.. we all need to see a movie! :) im going to the DMV tomorrow to get my permit! wish me luck :)

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