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YAY FOR BREAK! - just keep doin that spoon thing...

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December 22nd, 2004

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08:53 pm - YAY FOR BREAK!
FIRST DAY OF VACAY! it was our last day of school before break and omg it was awesome! so english, just read while the sub was talkin about 1984 (which reminds me of that song, 1985 by bowling for soup...anyway) then watched sports center cuz it was on but julie got mad cuz i wasnt talkin to her so we played grandmas big fat toe (HAHAHAHA!). then lenihans class...first my paralel buddy sarah smith gave me lip gloss...so yummy smelling! lol. it looks good too! THANK U // BUDDY! so ap euro...salon again...and i was sitting with james and andrew, andrew was talking about the "crown jewels" he gave me yesterday and how i should publicly thank him for the awesome night last night (yes...im having an affair with the king of sweden everybody...watch out...). i just realized i should totally do something with those "jewels" andrew gave me. so funny...then we were all planning our war on owen (aka john locke) and matt judd told me he'd be on my team (YAY!) so yea...that class was beast (lelia...if u ever read this...i keep saying beast like everywhere! im telling u, its gotten into my head!) and OMG mr lenihan ate some of julies puzzle chocolate (it had staples in it) and he got mad even though we told him it had staples in it! before latin, i went looking for a soda machine that work, and there were none, but on my way back to class, both kayschaller and alison gave me presents! i love u both! then latin, i finished make up work while watchin the movie and finished that book II translation...on our way to lunch, lelia gave me my christmas present! yay for country mixes! the cd is awesome too...great songs...snaps for lelia...so i bought lunch for the first time this year...and finished more latin during lunch so no talkin to eddie and his friends...so sad...gym we played volleyball (O JOY...NOT!) and me and jillian were just like so pissed. chemistry...the quiz was really easy...i think i got a really good grade on it...turned in my latin to gush before 7th, talked to her for awhile...willi was in there (*SIGH*) but adam wouldnt stop touching me...which btw is making me really uncomfortbale...but i got to see willi and i normally dont so yea...i liked that...algebra, talked to tom and julie at the end of class...did all my homework, as usual. then i went with julie to leni's room (saw george!) and waited while she apologized for the candy incident. that got me out of chorus for awhile...thank god...i was the only one singing today...cuz everyone else is "sick". marilyn said she was singing but i didnt hear anything and any time i looked over there, she was talkin. anyways...that class always makesme really mad now and im not saying y here...then i leave and evidently nathan could tell i was upset but didnt say anything...so everyone just left me without saying anything...so nice of them...then i went upstairs to my locker, got trev and george, and we went to find holly. when we were with holly we had a little incident with eddie (sorry again...) but its ok now. but we left so fast...omg...i was so upset...and it sucked cuz me and trev are like chasing after george and guess who sees me running down the sidewalk almost crying...willi johnson! talk about a perfect ending to ur day...lol...in any other case it would have been...he is so good looking...anyway...spent some quality time with my dawgs, talkin about serious stuff (*GASP*) talked to holly on the corner and explained everything...then i went home to start my break! WOOT! lelia called as im listening to the awesome mix and she came over to watch movies till about 8:30 i guess it was...so all in all...it was a good day...with a few mixups here and there but hey...u cant have everything...now im just waiting for some ppl online...ahem...lol. im out for now guys...maybe ill babble some more later...lol. later
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Rascal Flatts "Feels Like Today" or Big&Rich "Holy Water"

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