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this week - just keep doin that spoon thing...

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December 17th, 2004

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10:06 pm - this week
yea so this week was pretty uneventful...for me at least. monday...i dont even remember monday...except that we had cheerleading practice cuz we had a boys game on tuesday. dont even remember wat we did at practice either. o well. tuesday...appointment with dr jones, my therapist...told her everything was going really well and all that...im actually very happy with how ive been working with my parents lately and how theyve worked with me. anyways...tuesdays game...tc williams...boys...they lost...but it was so close! and max made one of his AMAZING shots in like the last 20 seconds and we had a 1 pt lead. but then they called a foul on this david kid (freshman) which i didnt think was a foul at all...but tc williams won...it was sad. anyways...wednesday was saturnalia day! stephie and lizzie got the shirts (everyone loves roman girls) tuesday night and everyone loved them when we wore them to school...we are such dorks. gush thought they were just darling. so yea...back to wednesday...block algebra was BORING! but now tom says hi to me in the halls and stuff since then so i guess ive made new friends in that class. so i went home, didnt have ANY homework, then went to saturnalia at 6:15...hung with the band ppl till the beginning...sara was being a loser and not playing with them...haha JK saraROUX...u kno i love u...not as much as i love willi and his euphonium tho! yea...willi was at saturnalia for part of it...and he was standing so close to me at one point...SIGH...me and stephie were the first ppl in line for the food! o yea! and door prizes...omg we all cheered so loud...being the oldest ones there really makes everything more fun. anyhoo...thursday...bad day for me...everything was going fine, like my day was going really well, till the end of 5th period when karoline tells me shes gonna ask someone out...im not going to disclose any names cuz she might kill me. anyways...first of all, she kind of forgot to tell me when she started liking said guy...she told anna and was all "o i kno i told u too!" uh...wrong...and then...she just decides at the drop of a hat to do this cuz anna says so. w/e. so she did it, and he said yes...woopdedoo. i mean, im happy for her, shes my friend, but as i was telling mi madre, all of my friends are asking guys out/getting asked out by guys they like...and im not...not that thats a problem...i mean, i dont NEED a boyfriend...i just feel left out...and its funny how like a few weeks ago, kario was the one saying this and complaining like i am now, but now shes happy and im not. o well. c'est la vie. so block chorus with her was...how shall i put it...hell for me...i wanted to cry. then i had to go to key club. like this 5 minute meeting. but hanging out with leslie and michelle for awhile was fun. michelle just randomly was like "yea...that connor guy...hes pretty cute...u should deff hook up" and i was like...um sure, w/e. cuz connors not interested in me like that. anyways...i walked home with holly after that...talked stuff over...ill be the first she tells when she gets a boyfriend, and likewise, she'll be the first to kno for me, if that ever happens. so my grandparents (dads side) were at my house when i got home, couldnt talk to mom much...practice from 5:00-6:30, i put freya up in a full with maia and marilyn basing...first time since this summer i did that...scary...but i did it! and it was awesome! then we did a basket toss (i was front spot there, chelsea back spotted) and that was another thing id never do but i did it to a)conquer my fears and b)make maia shut up. lol. then i came home, ate dinner, got ready for practice, grammy and gramp left, and me and dad went to pick karoline up for basketball...before practice, she just wouldnt shut up about asking out that guy...and all i could do was be supportive cuz im a good friend...but whatever...practice went well...im making a lot more shots this season, especially foul shots...swish! me and karoline played lelia and marcy in 2 on 2...only 4 at practice...sad. then i went home, finished making cookies for the key culb bake sale, did my homework, watched the apprentice finalle (YAY KELLY!), got in the shower, and went to bed. today, friday, i had to get up early to get to school to get stuff in for the bake sale...game day so i got to wear my uniform (YAY!). karoline gets to school and im there so she talks at me about how she cant believe she did that! well i cant either, wat am i supposed to say? so then english, we signed the card for adams daddy, read 1984, talked with ms teunis. i did more homework, talked with adam cuz hes just so super cool like that (me and him are nice to eachother now since im not a bitch anymore...i apologized). ap euro we took notes and watched that mozart movie. latin we translated...as usual...chunk quiz on monday...lunch was fun...lindsay and elizabeth wagner moved our table...that was stupid...but so we hung at the boys table for a long time today...even though eddie left...and we talked with warren...saw willi after 4th...played volleyball in gym (fun fun fun), did a lab in chem (shane and taylor worked with anna, me, and owen...mabye they just like anna but i was happy) and shane and taylor were talking to us after class...algebra i did most of my homework and chorus we didnt do anything at all...the guys learned their part, karoline tried to make me optimistic...bleh...walked home with eddie and lizzie till trev and george came and harassed us...i knew they would, thats y i left without them....warren couldnt walk home with us, it was so sad...came right back to school for the game after i got home...learned how to sweep...got the spirit stick at the game for being awesome...haha...the guys beat wakefield, max made a slam dunk, shane and tim came, so did lelia and kay (yay!) so i came home, ate dinner, hung lights on the tree, talked to a few ppl online...but now im doin nothing. just listening to music on that awesome site owen told me about. waiting for some ppl to get online. this is a really long entry...sorry...i just realized ive been babbling on forever and ever...o and the songs...there are so many im obsessed with right now...but i just heard this one for the firs time today and i love it so yea...later guys
Current Mood: lonelylonely
Current Music: Almost - Bowling for Soup

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Date:December 18th, 2004 04:36 am (UTC)


its good that ur updating.. every so often that is .... :)

I feel EXACTLY the way you do about kao and all of them.. especially cuz they keep telling me "oh boys are so icky" or "you don't NEED a gf, i mean, heck! I don't even want a bf till junior/senior year!"

anyways yeah.. im just screwing that. No girls are interested in this hunk-o-meat :)

anyways we can be lonley together haha.. u'll get out of this club before me though.. if i ever do.


PS :lemme know about sunday. adios

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