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saturday! - just keep doin that spoon thing...

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December 11th, 2004

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08:28 pm - saturday!
yea so today i woke up like 10, ate breakfast, did my homework (yes i know...GASP!) and updated my livejournal. that was fun...i guess...i watched pearl harbor while doin all that cuz i was in the mood for a good cry. then my daddy got home from coaching my sisters game (they lost...14-16...so sad) and he made me get ready for my basketball practce. as i said earlier...pratice on a SATURDAY? o well...it was all good...even if VICIOUS karoline hit in me in the nose once and then the neck before that...we had a good time...and i scored a lot more than i ever did last year. i saw shanes sister after practice cuz she had practice at 2:30...lelia and i thought that was funny. yea...so me and my daddy dropped karoline off after practice, went home, changed, watched some college bbal and then we went driving! so the parking lot i learned to drive in last week was busy cuz they were selling christmas trees so we drove somewhere in maryland near dc somewhere where my daddy plays basketball...i got up to 20 MPH...go me! but i sucked at backing into parking spots...my dad says im doing fine, im still upset tho. its fine...ill be better soon...like...i still have 9 months with my permit. and i might get to drive tomorrow too. anyways...came home at around 5...got ready to go to the christmas party at this house where i babysit. good food. no ppl my own age so i hung out with shannon...sometimes, my sisters ok, i guess. like im babysitting my brother and sister now and theyre being good and not annoying so im ok. i was working on my ap euro project earlier and now im totally bored out of my mind...no one is on...and anyone who is "on" is away...boring ppl. but yea...i figured out warren put me on hsi friends list...probably just cuz i put his sn on mine but watever...still cool. haha...wow i am such a loser. anyways...i should go work on my paper. love ya guys...later
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Alabama - I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)

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