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January 2nd, 2005

04:39 pm - DRiViNG!
OMIGOSH!!! i just went driving with my dad and OMIGOSH i drove all the way from liek chain bridge, down glebe road, to my house near the country club! and i survived! wow...im so proud of myself. like yesterday, i went out on a real road for the first time, then today i backed into a spot PERFECTLY all by myself then went out into that same street then into a couple of culesacs on the other side of the church, then my dad was all "u wanna drive home?" YAY!!! i did it! omg...snaps for me...SO HAPPY! and thats only a month since i got my permit! so yea...school tomorrow...im actually excited...don't know about all you guys but im ready...getting some fingerprints later tonight i think...so yea...all im doin now is watchin tv...lots and lots of football this weekend...talk to y'all later. OMG I AM SO HAPPY!!!
Current Mood: jubilantjubilant
Current Music: Big&Rich - Rollin'

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December 29th, 2004

09:27 pm - oooo its a wednesday
yesterday, i don't even remember wat happened yesterday, other that that i got a manicure and i look like a barbie doll...im serious...my nails are bright pink...its so cool...anyways...my knee was sore today from working out yesterday so i decided to go on a walk with my mom. bcuz if i dont exercise at least some, i'll get fat. so we went on a walk, then came home, i got in the shower, had lunch, then cleaned my grandmas apartment downstairs for $20...SWEET! then i watched you've got mail...i just love that movie...so sweet...tom hanks and meg ryan are always so good together. anyhoo...when i was done with that, i went to home depot with my mom, brother, and sister. but first we got mcflurries (haha...no wonder i'll gain weight! look at what i eat!) then we came home and watched some of dodgeball before dinner (we had the yummy chicken my mom makes...YAY!) after dinner, and after i did the dishes, i went with my mom to pentagon city mall to look for shoes to go with that super cute outfit i wore for christmas eve. she doesnt want me wearing the boots for church and stuff like that (like the choral festival on jan. 6th) so i got these really cute tommy hilfiger ones at DSW (which btw is one of the awesomest stores EVER!) so now im home, in my super cute UVA pjs, and no one is online to talk to (cough cough cough), so i have no clue wat to do right now...maybe ill read that red sox book holly gave me...thats the greatest book ever...faithful...yup, thats me, a red sox addict! woot. ok well i have nothing else to say now...i think im gonna go...this entry was so boring...y do i even do this? o well...later guys...
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - Aerosmith

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December 27th, 2004

09:49 pm - monday...with NO SCHOOL!
haha it was a monday and i didnt have to go to school...cuz im on break! haha yay! wow i am such a dork...anyways...woke up, ate breakfast, went on a walk in the FREEZING COLD with my mom, sister, and brother...came back home after an hour, took a shower, then went to meet my dad at his office for lunch (ate chicken parmesan...very yummy). came home, watched dodgeball (HEHE) talked to mi madre about...stuff...then watched the 4th quarter of the UVA bowl game vs fresno cuz shannon wouldnt turn the channel till my mom made her. they lost 37-34...i cried, honestly i did, even if ppl laugh at me for it(*cough BRIAN*)...ate dinner and then EDDIE CALLED (highlight of my day guys...im serious) yea...met him, his dad, his brother michael, his cousin brian (omg so hot!) brians brother andrew and his dad i think jerry...anyways...his cousin is so hot...like wow...he totally wasnt interested in me at all...but still so hot...*sigh*...saw meet the fockers...awesome movie guys, go check it out sometime over break...brian was in another movie tho, with michael. that really sucked...i really wanted to sit next to him or something ya kno? anyways...i got to sit next to him when eddies dad gave me a ride home...that was cool i guess...even tho, as i said, hes not interested. or a least i dont think so...ill ask eddie...i wanna kno wat he thought of me anyway...so yea thats all that happened today...pretty good tho...sucks that hes not interested...lol...later guys...i should probably get off soon anyway...
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Current Music: the Winnie the Pooh song...if u kno me well enough, ud kno y

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December 26th, 2004

05:42 pm - MERRY CHRISTMAS (well sorta)
yea...day after christmas...everything has definitely died down...all the hype before the holidays and then...blah...yea...thats how u describe my life right now. hope everyone had an awesome christmas. mine was so cool...can even begin to describe...christmas eve, we went to the movies (we being me, shannon, and jason) with holly, abby, and tyler...we saw "a series of unfortunate events"...it was a really good movie considering i never read the books...after the movie, we came home and got ready for church (i got to wear my cute new skirt with those awesome boots my mom bought me) then after churhc, we went to the fourniers and i hung out with holly till we had to leave for our 2 other parties at 9 o clock. the youngs was first, fun party, eddie was there, we played games on the computer (funny funny stuff). then off to the benoits (we took eddie with us! hehe). that was ok...no girls my own age except katherine panke and she doesnt really like me that much...poor ross got dumped by his girlfriend on christmas eve! i feel so bad for him. anyways...then home to bed. christmas morning! i got that pink red sox hat i wanted, the one that matches my poofy pink jacket (and if i may say so, i look so awesome!) its the greatest hat ever...ask holly or abby...my uncle didnt seem to like it but hes a mets fan so wat can ya do? anyways...the big news...*drum roll*...i got a CELL PHONE! if u want the number, just ask. yea its pretty tight. omg i was so excited. i got dodgeball too...on dvd...greatest movie ever! even if like so many ppl i kno thinks its the stupidest movie ever...i still love it, and i kno lelia does too...and karoline...and patrick...and i think caitlin liked it...so yea..not everyone i know hates it. yea...ill figure out later wat else i got...o right...my aunt carol made me a scarf (uva colors! woohoo!) another aunt gave me a santa claus that was uva themed...its so beautiful. another aunt gave me a watch thats reversible...like one side of the band is red, the others black...pretty darn cool...and other stuff that i dont feel like writing down. dinenr was really good...we had like 20 ppl here...CRAZY! o i almost forgot! the fourniers got me that book the two sox fans wrote about the entire championship season...so awesome! omg...i started reading it already and i love it! so yea...all in all its been a good holiday...cleaned my room today tho...and i really really really need to talk to one person in particular...but other than that, things are goin pretty well...hope everythings good for y'all too...talk to ya later...gimme a call if u wanna do something...i have money now...speaking of which...i gotta call eddie...lol. love ya guys...im out
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Yellowcard

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December 22nd, 2004

08:53 pm - YAY FOR BREAK!
FIRST DAY OF VACAY! it was our last day of school before break and omg it was awesome! so english, just read while the sub was talkin about 1984 (which reminds me of that song, 1985 by bowling for soup...anyway) then watched sports center cuz it was on but julie got mad cuz i wasnt talkin to her so we played grandmas big fat toe (HAHAHAHA!). then lenihans class...first my paralel buddy sarah smith gave me lip gloss...so yummy smelling! lol. it looks good too! THANK U // BUDDY! so ap euro...salon again...and i was sitting with james and andrew, andrew was talking about the "crown jewels" he gave me yesterday and how i should publicly thank him for the awesome night last night (yes...im having an affair with the king of sweden everybody...watch out...). i just realized i should totally do something with those "jewels" andrew gave me. so funny...then we were all planning our war on owen (aka john locke) and matt judd told me he'd be on my team (YAY!) so yea...that class was beast (lelia...if u ever read this...i keep saying beast like everywhere! im telling u, its gotten into my head!) and OMG mr lenihan ate some of julies puzzle chocolate (it had staples in it) and he got mad even though we told him it had staples in it! before latin, i went looking for a soda machine that work, and there were none, but on my way back to class, both kayschaller and alison gave me presents! i love u both! then latin, i finished make up work while watchin the movie and finished that book II translation...on our way to lunch, lelia gave me my christmas present! yay for country mixes! the cd is awesome too...great songs...snaps for lelia...so i bought lunch for the first time this year...and finished more latin during lunch so no talkin to eddie and his friends...so sad...gym we played volleyball (O JOY...NOT!) and me and jillian were just like so pissed. chemistry...the quiz was really easy...i think i got a really good grade on it...turned in my latin to gush before 7th, talked to her for awhile...willi was in there (*SIGH*) but adam wouldnt stop touching me...which btw is making me really uncomfortbale...but i got to see willi and i normally dont so yea...i liked that...algebra, talked to tom and julie at the end of class...did all my homework, as usual. then i went with julie to leni's room (saw george!) and waited while she apologized for the candy incident. that got me out of chorus for awhile...thank god...i was the only one singing today...cuz everyone else is "sick". marilyn said she was singing but i didnt hear anything and any time i looked over there, she was talkin. anyways...that class always makesme really mad now and im not saying y here...then i leave and evidently nathan could tell i was upset but didnt say anything...so everyone just left me without saying anything...so nice of them...then i went upstairs to my locker, got trev and george, and we went to find holly. when we were with holly we had a little incident with eddie (sorry again...) but its ok now. but we left so fast...omg...i was so upset...and it sucked cuz me and trev are like chasing after george and guess who sees me running down the sidewalk almost crying...willi johnson! talk about a perfect ending to ur day...lol...in any other case it would have been...he is so good looking...anyway...spent some quality time with my dawgs, talkin about serious stuff (*GASP*) talked to holly on the corner and explained everything...then i went home to start my break! WOOT! lelia called as im listening to the awesome mix and she came over to watch movies till about 8:30 i guess it was...so all in all...it was a good day...with a few mixups here and there but hey...u cant have everything...now im just waiting for some ppl online...ahem...lol. im out for now guys...maybe ill babble some more later...lol. later
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Rascal Flatts "Feels Like Today" or Big&Rich "Holy Water"

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December 21st, 2004

08:00 pm - GO SYRACUSE!
right...so the JV boys lost by 13 points tonight...which makes me sad...and our cheering was not so great...BUT...syracuse, my daddys orange, are in a bowl game tonight down in orlando. my parents are there, and im stuck watching it here, but thats ok...i hope they win tho...that would be SO awesome...so yea guys...thats all i really had to say...this day was boring...nothing bad happened tho...which is good. and avila sent me on an errand for him during gym when i was sitting out, so i got to see my people in 5th period...not that 4th period lunch isn't beast, but i dont get to see trev and george and karoline so yea...trev loved his birthday present, which made me happy...alright well i gotta help eddie's cuz with his constitution, and get a shower so im out...later guys...love ya...bye
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Almost - Bowling for Soup

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December 17th, 2004

10:06 pm - this week
yea so this week was pretty uneventful...for me at least. monday...i dont even remember monday...except that we had cheerleading practice cuz we had a boys game on tuesday. dont even remember wat we did at practice either. o well. tuesday...appointment with dr jones, my therapist...told her everything was going really well and all that...im actually very happy with how ive been working with my parents lately and how theyve worked with me. anyways...tuesdays game...tc williams...boys...they lost...but it was so close! and max made one of his AMAZING shots in like the last 20 seconds and we had a 1 pt lead. but then they called a foul on this david kid (freshman) which i didnt think was a foul at all...but tc williams won...it was sad. anyways...wednesday was saturnalia day! stephie and lizzie got the shirts (everyone loves roman girls) tuesday night and everyone loved them when we wore them to school...we are such dorks. gush thought they were just darling. so yea...back to wednesday...block algebra was BORING! but now tom says hi to me in the halls and stuff since then so i guess ive made new friends in that class. so i went home, didnt have ANY homework, then went to saturnalia at 6:15...hung with the band ppl till the beginning...sara was being a loser and not playing with them...haha JK saraROUX...u kno i love u...not as much as i love willi and his euphonium tho! yea...willi was at saturnalia for part of it...and he was standing so close to me at one point...SIGH...me and stephie were the first ppl in line for the food! o yea! and door prizes...omg we all cheered so loud...being the oldest ones there really makes everything more fun. anyhoo...thursday...bad day for me...everything was going fine, like my day was going really well, till the end of 5th period when karoline tells me shes gonna ask someone out...im not going to disclose any names cuz she might kill me. anyways...first of all, she kind of forgot to tell me when she started liking said guy...she told anna and was all "o i kno i told u too!" uh...wrong...and then...she just decides at the drop of a hat to do this cuz anna says so. w/e. so she did it, and he said yes...woopdedoo. i mean, im happy for her, shes my friend, but as i was telling mi madre, all of my friends are asking guys out/getting asked out by guys they like...and im not...not that thats a problem...i mean, i dont NEED a boyfriend...i just feel left out...and its funny how like a few weeks ago, kario was the one saying this and complaining like i am now, but now shes happy and im not. o well. c'est la vie. so block chorus with her was...how shall i put it...hell for me...i wanted to cry. then i had to go to key club. like this 5 minute meeting. but hanging out with leslie and michelle for awhile was fun. michelle just randomly was like "yea...that connor guy...hes pretty cute...u should deff hook up" and i was like...um sure, w/e. cuz connors not interested in me like that. anyways...i walked home with holly after that...talked stuff over...ill be the first she tells when she gets a boyfriend, and likewise, she'll be the first to kno for me, if that ever happens. so my grandparents (dads side) were at my house when i got home, couldnt talk to mom much...practice from 5:00-6:30, i put freya up in a full with maia and marilyn basing...first time since this summer i did that...scary...but i did it! and it was awesome! then we did a basket toss (i was front spot there, chelsea back spotted) and that was another thing id never do but i did it to a)conquer my fears and b)make maia shut up. lol. then i came home, ate dinner, got ready for practice, grammy and gramp left, and me and dad went to pick karoline up for basketball...before practice, she just wouldnt shut up about asking out that guy...and all i could do was be supportive cuz im a good friend...but whatever...practice went well...im making a lot more shots this season, especially foul shots...swish! me and karoline played lelia and marcy in 2 on 2...only 4 at practice...sad. then i went home, finished making cookies for the key culb bake sale, did my homework, watched the apprentice finalle (YAY KELLY!), got in the shower, and went to bed. today, friday, i had to get up early to get to school to get stuff in for the bake sale...game day so i got to wear my uniform (YAY!). karoline gets to school and im there so she talks at me about how she cant believe she did that! well i cant either, wat am i supposed to say? so then english, we signed the card for adams daddy, read 1984, talked with ms teunis. i did more homework, talked with adam cuz hes just so super cool like that (me and him are nice to eachother now since im not a bitch anymore...i apologized). ap euro we took notes and watched that mozart movie. latin we translated...as usual...chunk quiz on monday...lunch was fun...lindsay and elizabeth wagner moved our table...that was stupid...but so we hung at the boys table for a long time today...even though eddie left...and we talked with warren...saw willi after 4th...played volleyball in gym (fun fun fun), did a lab in chem (shane and taylor worked with anna, me, and owen...mabye they just like anna but i was happy) and shane and taylor were talking to us after class...algebra i did most of my homework and chorus we didnt do anything at all...the guys learned their part, karoline tried to make me optimistic...bleh...walked home with eddie and lizzie till trev and george came and harassed us...i knew they would, thats y i left without them....warren couldnt walk home with us, it was so sad...came right back to school for the game after i got home...learned how to sweep...got the spirit stick at the game for being awesome...haha...the guys beat wakefield, max made a slam dunk, shane and tim came, so did lelia and kay (yay!) so i came home, ate dinner, hung lights on the tree, talked to a few ppl online...but now im doin nothing. just listening to music on that awesome site owen told me about. waiting for some ppl to get online. this is a really long entry...sorry...i just realized ive been babbling on forever and ever...o and the songs...there are so many im obsessed with right now...but i just heard this one for the firs time today and i love it so yea...later guys
Current Mood: lonelylonely
Current Music: Almost - Bowling for Soup

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December 11th, 2004

08:28 pm - saturday!
yea so today i woke up like 10, ate breakfast, did my homework (yes i know...GASP!) and updated my livejournal. that was fun...i guess...i watched pearl harbor while doin all that cuz i was in the mood for a good cry. then my daddy got home from coaching my sisters game (they lost...14-16...so sad) and he made me get ready for my basketball practce. as i said earlier...pratice on a SATURDAY? o well...it was all good...even if VICIOUS karoline hit in me in the nose once and then the neck before that...we had a good time...and i scored a lot more than i ever did last year. i saw shanes sister after practice cuz she had practice at 2:30...lelia and i thought that was funny. yea...so me and my daddy dropped karoline off after practice, went home, changed, watched some college bbal and then we went driving! so the parking lot i learned to drive in last week was busy cuz they were selling christmas trees so we drove somewhere in maryland near dc somewhere where my daddy plays basketball...i got up to 20 MPH...go me! but i sucked at backing into parking spots...my dad says im doing fine, im still upset tho. its fine...ill be better soon...like...i still have 9 months with my permit. and i might get to drive tomorrow too. anyways...came home at around 5...got ready to go to the christmas party at this house where i babysit. good food. no ppl my own age so i hung out with shannon...sometimes, my sisters ok, i guess. like im babysitting my brother and sister now and theyre being good and not annoying so im ok. i was working on my ap euro project earlier and now im totally bored out of my mind...no one is on...and anyone who is "on" is away...boring ppl. but yea...i figured out warren put me on hsi friends list...probably just cuz i put his sn on mine but watever...still cool. haha...wow i am such a loser. anyways...i should go work on my paper. love ya guys...later
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Alabama - I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)

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11:57 am
wow y'all...i haven't updated in a long time. and i just realized i must say that like every time i ever do update. so wats been goin on in my life...well i got my permit december 2! snaps for me. yea and my dad took me dricing last saturday, and hes going to take me again today after basketball practice. honestly, the county gave us practice on a saturday! could they be any stupider?! we're teenage girls, we don't like thursday night (OCs on...i dont watch it, but everyone else does...yay for not comforming!) or saturday midday practices. o well. its only for awhile. lets see...thsi week was long. cuz tuesday i went up to boston with holly and mr fournier and that was awesome...but i had to wake up at like 4:30 so i was tired for the rest of the week. plus, other than tuesday, this week just didnt go right at all. but im not complaining...i mean, it can only get better. yesterday was awesome tho...besides the fact that trevor and george are being bums. at lunch, i went with eddie over to the pool to see his little bro michael...who surprisingly enough remembers me. but the little 3rd grade girls were giving me dirty looks...LOL! maybe its cuz i was wearing my uniform, i dunno. but hey...what can ya do? in chorus, i was talking to marilyn and maia about our "cheerleading drama" haha. so stupid. BUT i worked out whatever problems maia and i had...she doesnt seem to hate me so much anymore. then, after school, awesome jackie gave me cookies! haha. lizzie and i found eddie and we took like 20 minutes to get out of school cuz every door we were gonna go out of had someone eddie didnt like at it. so that gave us time for warren to catch up, which is a good thing. hes a really cool guy...like i have barely ever talked to him before this and like we come and sit with eddie and his friends at lunch every day and warren is like the only guy who doesnt seem totally pissed off by that which is cool. so me, lizzie, warren, and eddie walked home together and lizzie and i were being total dorks (LATIN T SHIRTS!) but its ok. eddie was making fun of me cuz i was wearing my warmups and he said i looked like the michelin man. =( it was kinda embarrassing since warren was there but o well. its not like it matters. i look good other times...usually...speaking of which! i got my haircut...if ur reading this and didnt kno that. haha. its really cute. yea so then i went back to YHS at like 5 to practice before the game (i wasnt in halftime tho since i missed a practice). i got to see connor tho! he was there for crew. that was so cool! i didnt get to talk to him tho...that was sad. but he was paying attention to me *BIG SMILE* the game was ok...i never like cheering for girls anyway...but we won. fairfax seems pretty bad. the boys won wednesday too. so its all good. then after the game, lelia and her mom picked me up and we came back to my house. my parents had accidently locked me out tho...lucky i foud another door that was unlocked (supposed to be locked all year round...i think my bro was playin with it) anyways...lelia and i watched dodgeball which is an awesome movie. i kno its so stupid but its awesome. then we baked cookies. after she went home, i got online, talked to shane for the first time in forever! my parents got home, i did dishes, then i got back online and talked to shane more. found out theres nothing going on with him and kristin (thank god) and that he likes my hair. he might come to the game on tuesday, if hes done with his homework that is. but yea...that'll be cool...if he comes. so now i gotta get off...im done with my homework but basketball practice at 1...bleh...but then DRIVING! hopefully...later guys...maybe ill update again tonight if i get on. love ya. bye

o ps...i found this thing in karolines LJ which she found in sarah smiths and i like it so im putting it in here..... "Post anything that you want, and post it anonymously. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love... anything. Even how you feel about me, be brutaly honest... you can tell me how much you hate and/or love me or whatever. it can be about ANYTHING.... it doesnt have to have anytning to do with me. Make sure to post anonymously (if you want) and honestly. Post as many times as you'd like. Then, put this in your LJ to see what others have to say."

so yea guys...post commetns about all that stuff...i really wanna kno wat u think. these things are so fun. haha...now im really leaving. bye y'all
Current Mood: dorkydorky
Current Music: Nothin' Bout Love Makes Sense - Leann Rimes

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November 20th, 2004

08:41 pm - wow
wow you guys...i kno no one is going to read this since they think im never going to update again BUT I DID! haha...im not gonna say much tho, since my parents read this. i mean, ive been telling my mom everything thats going on, and shes being supportive and all (usually) but since im going to a therapist and all i really shouldnt tell everything to everyone in this thing. so yea...lifes going ok. thought id let y'all know. cuz im sure u all read this thing all the time just to see wats goin on in my life. haha. anyways...im going to this latin convention tomorrow morning, and im totally not looking forward to it. im gonna fail the tests (well probly not, but im nervous) and no one i kno is going. cuz stephanie just kinda ditched me (even though she said she was going to come with me) and mr hubbard wouldnt let shane go or something like that and it sucks cuz i really wish he could go...o well...i'll meet some hot latin boys there (since saraROUX told me to) haha...like that will happen. but hey...ill try my hardest this weekend. so far today i watched UVA kick some georgia tech butt and got red sox pictures of the internet. o and some of carmelo and g-mac, cuz i watched the SU game last night with my daddy and i realized that i need those pics in my locker...awesome stuff. now jason and i are watching a movie (quality bonding with the brother who doesnt kno my name...haha). all my friends are evidently at the play since ive called most of them and their brothers or sisters or parents tell me theyre there, at the play. haha...that sounds funny. speaking of funny...everyone should go to this website http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/toons.php?p=1 because its awesome...watch kenya, clive the frog, magical trevor, footy, and then go to badgerbadgerbadger.com all very random but all very amusing. lol. well at least i know some ppl who like them. k well jason man needs to go to bed now...just thought id let y'all kno i was still alive. haha. later
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Current Music: Closer To You (Wallflowers)

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