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October 12th, 2004

09:15 pm - tuesday...but i thought it was monday
lol...wow i am so weird. anyways...last night was fucking amazing! i went to the vote for change concert...OMG! bruce, REM, dave matthews, pearl jam, james taylor, dixie chicks (an other ppl but i dont really care about them) OMG im still in shock. and im tired from it too. we didnt get home till after 1, and thats with leaving before the finale. but i got a really cool t-shirt so its all good. my sister got to sleep in this morning and go to school late, i didnt. but thats ok...i still had a good day...pretty much. i mean, it was rather boring. but at lunch, me and lelia came up with this elaborate plan on how to study guys...so funny! but the rest of my day was blah. patrick wrote me back...that was awesome...and i convinced my mom not to make me go to homecoming (i get to stay home and hang with all my friends...she was gonna let me go out to dinner, but she decided against it). cheerleading was ok...we worked with the varsity girls on our performance for the pep rally...jay said we were as good, if not better than the varsity girls today. thats always good. but yea...pep rally...its gonna be interesting. anyways...it was my mommys birthday today too...so we had cake with the fourniers after dinner...now im online, waiting for someone else to get online cuz i need to talk to them! o well...im gonna go read my friend's livejournals now...*cough NATHAN cough*
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: BRUCE!

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October 10th, 2004

07:59 pm
so i kno earlier i sounded like i was in the best mood EVER but now...all i can think about is how fucked up everything is. im not gonna get into the details here, but if u wanna kno, just ask. its just...i dont understand anything anymore. i mean, i bitched at karoline for a long time this afternoon and actually started crying because i just dont get it. like...omg. i am so fucking confused about everything and i dont kno wat to do about it.

so yea...holly and i made a cake for my mom (its a secret!) but then the icing turned out all funny so its kinda sad looking but it tastes good. i guess that made me happy. but other than that, im not too happy right now. ferris buellers day off is on on abcfamily, or was. its not anymore. now we have to figure out wat movie to watch next. i have so much homework to do...i should probably get started on that now. i mean, i did some of it yesterday, but theres just so fucking much...like that AP euro study guide...i was working on that...im still not done, and i worked from like 1 till 4 on it. so yea...tomorrow should be fun. i still have to figure out if im going to the rock the vote concert...holly was under the impression that i was. but knowing my parents...i doubt it. who knows tho? maybe they were nice and got an extra ticket. i still dont kno if we're going out to dinner for my moms birthday either. itd probably be lunch after my orthodontist appt tho, cuz the concerts at like 7. *SIGH* i guess ill go watch tv now, unless i start up some amazing conversation with someone...like thats ever gonna happen. w/e. later
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: Party for Two - Shania Twain and Billy Currington

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02:52 pm - PARTY!
yea so my life is just one big party right now. lol. a pretty boring party, but its still a party. wat am i talking about? i dunno...so yea...last night...went to church with nanny, aunt t, and troy. then we had to get stuff from the commisary (we were at ft myer for mass) then aunt t was like "i dont think u should be eating junk food all night...lets find somewhere to eat" so we drove around forever trying to find a restaraunt. eventually we decided on baileys, the sports bar at ballston mall. thats a pretty kickass place. all the games i wanted to watch were on, syracuse on the big screen, penn state right in front of me, yankees next to that (they won btw...really pissed me off). i got this awesome zito alfredo...so yummy. then aunt t droveme over to mias for the party. btw...to everyone who was there, if ur reading this...im SO sorry i was late. so yea...got there, anna opened presents, ate pizza, played truth or dare, ate cake, then i had to go home so id be home before my parents called. eddie and kario walked me home and that was fun. yea...then they left, my rents called, let my grandma kno i was home, watched south park, and waited for ppl to get online. around 12 i was really cold so i went up to my room to watch SNL in my bed. eddie called and gave me a heart attack...but it was really funny talking to him about preschool. but then my phone died...so when he called back i was like "yea i gotta go to sleep cuz im goin out to brunch tomorrow". i got back online for a few minutes, shane had left me a message and i really wanted to talk to him but i couldnt cuz he was already gone. so then i just went to sleep. holly called at like 9:30 this morning wondering wat the plan was...i told her my cousin was coming to pick me and nanny up for brunch and id call when we got back. so mel, my cousins friend, picked us up at lik 10:45 and we drove out to this awesome restaraunt in springfield that my aunt and uncle are part owners in. cute waiters...omg...i was dying! and then...this really hot guy sat at the table ext to us...so awesome. anyways! erin, my cousin, drove us home, i called holly, and now the fournier kids are all here. we're watching movies, and later im gonna make a cake for my moms birthday. its lots of fun. but no one is online...especially this one person i wanna talk to...i think u kno who u are. anyways...im gonna go finish watching school of rock..i love that movie. so yea...later guys. comment if u want...i love gettting comments...even if theyre totally random.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: School of Rock

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October 9th, 2004

11:01 am - weekend so far...
lets see...patrick didnt get in trouble last night, which is good, but he had to get off really early and he never came back so i didnt talk to him as much as i want. i watched rascal flatts in concert on CMT tho...that was frickin awesome! slept in till like 10, got up, ate breakfast, watched more tv, and now im talkin to shane. apparently mr hubbard is an asshole. im so glad i had mrs davis my first year. but yea...mr hubbard didnt tell shane when the forms were due, and then he wouldnt let him like get em signed during 8th period and they were due yeserday. it really sucks. i was so looking forward to hanging out with him at convention. now im gonna be stuck with all these latin dorks for 2 days...unless stephanie comes. but she didnt tell me she turned in the forms. mrs gushman was so excited im going. and then yesterday i asked her about governors school for latin. she must think im obsessed. but no...its my mother. well i should probably get ready to take jason to his party. even tho i have like an hour, watever. later
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
Current Music: She Will be Loved - Maroon 5

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October 8th, 2004

04:53 pm - first entry! o yeah!
hey y'all. i doubt ppl will enjoy reading this, but hey! im gonna write in it anyway. read my info, its some funny shit. so i was lying to blurty about my age (oops!) and everyone around here is getting an LJ so i got one too. now im just like my friends! yay! so my parents left this morning without waking me up, they were leaving as i ran outside to say goodbye. the rest of my day was rather blah. i had a headache (probably from the sinus infection). ill be working on homework ALL weekend too! it really sucks. at least i dont have practice today. omg...the game yesterday was good, but like the cheering, bad. the wakefield girls came over to do like this cheer circle at the beginning of third quarter and jay was PISSED! but we were acting like football players at the beginning of the game and it was so much fun! omg...i love my squad. anyways...red sox game on, and im not really watching it cuz nothing was happening. but i will later. with my parents gone this weekend i can be online ALL THE TIME! hahaha...yay! and karolines having that PARTAY tomorrow night...that should be...fun. JK. u kno i love u karoline, even more than my boyfriend! haha...no offense. but yea...gonna go talk more now. to...people. haha. im so funny. ok well i'll write later tonight. love ya! o and the mood...i dont kno y the hell i put that.
Current Mood: flirtyflirty
Current Music: I Should Be Sleeping - Emerson Drive

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